Forte Filmes was founded by Renata Paschoal, director and producer. She has extensive experience producing in TV, Cinema and Theater.

For over 16 years she has been producing legendary director Domingos Oliveira’s movies. Among them “Carreiras” (Careers) with Priscilla Rozenbaum, “Juventude” (Youth) with Paulo José, the praised documentary “The Magnificant 8”, the award-winning films “Infância” (Childhood) with Fernanda Montenegro ( winner of 4 awards, and nominated for an Oscar) and “BR716 ″ with Caio Blat and Sophie Charlotte (awards for Best Film, Best Director, Best Supporting Actress, Best Soundtrack at the 44th Gramado Film Festival; Best Screenplay awarded by the Brazilian Film Academy).

She was associate producer on the documentaries “Simonal – Nobody knows how hard I worked” by Claudio Manoel and “Los Hermanos – This is the end of the beginning of our lives”. She co-produced the bio-pic “Simonal” in partnership with Globo Filmes and Downtown Filmes (winner of awards for Best First Direction, Best Soundtrack, Best Actor and Best Sound at the Brazilian Cinema GP; awards for Best Sountrack, Art Direction and Photography at the 46th Gramado Film Festival).

Over the years Forte Filmes has produced more than 300 interview programs and 20 theatrical shows. Most recently the highly-acclaimed TV drama series “Confessions of Women of 50”, available on Canal Brasil and Globoplay.

Forte Filmes, which was already a player in the distribution sector has partnered with Kuarup Produtora, further expanding its structure and portfolio of films, documentaries, TV series and shorts. The strategy behind this partnership is to combine successful cinema and TV production with better distribution, taking advantage of the growing demand from streaming and video on demand platforms, in addition to cinema and television.

We believe in combining professionalism with talent and vocation. Our goal is to expand the distribution of Brazilian cinema. And present both Brazil’s renowned producers and directors and its emerging new talents to the widest possible market. Showcasing Brazilian cinema and Brazilian creativity. 

We believe that each film is unique.