Awards for Best Screenplay, Best Editing, Best Supporting Actor, Best Design, Best Cinematography and Best Film.

1950’s Brazil seen through the lens of a Rio De Janeiro family. A family ruled by a harsh matriarch who listened obsessively to the speeches of anti-communist politician and journalist Carlos Lacerda.

Childhood lays bare the absurdity and comedy underpinning the social niceties of an upper-class Brazilian family in the 1950’s. A day in the life of Rodriguinho, a young boy living in a huge family home in an affluent neighbourhood. Grandson of the matriarch Dona Mocinha. Son of Henrique, the poor guy who married into the family. And Orlando, the 40-year-old son who lives at the expense of his mother the matriarch.

On the same day that little Rodriguinho’s dog dies after eating the mothballs the matriarch Dona Mocinha puts in every wardrobe in the house, the scandal that his father Henrique fraudulently sold land belonging to his grandmother erupts.

The unfolding chaos is heightened by the impending radio broadcast of Dona Mocinha’s idol Carlos Laceda. As the tensions that preceded the fall of Brazil’s popularist President Getúlio Vargas prevail.

Director Domingos Oliveira expertly weaves these multiple domestic and national tensions to create a bitter-sweet comedy that delineates the fundamental fight for power within Brazilian society that exists until today.


Fabricio Boliveira
Isis Valverde
Leandro Hassum
Mariana Lima
Silvio Guindane
Caco Ciocler
Bruce Gomlevsky
Luciano Quirino
João Velho
Dani Ornelas
Fabricio Santiago
Leticia Isnard
Renata Paschoal

Produção: Pontos de Fuga
Coprodução: Forte Filmes e Globo Filmes
Direção: Leonardo Domingues
Fotografia: Pablo Baião
Direção de Arte: Yurica Yamasaki
Figurino: Kika Lopes
Maquiagem: Rose Versosa
Montagem: Vicente Kubrusly
Trilha Sonora: Max de Castro e Simoninha

Domingos Oliveira


Pontos de Fuga


Forte Filmes e Globo Filmes