All the Women in the World

The most famous of Brazilian comedies, which established iconic Brazilian actress Leila Diniz as a star.



In Rio de Janeiro, Paulo meets his friend Edu and tells him about a “betrayal” that happened between himself and a girl named Maria Alice. The story begins at a Christmas party in Paulo’s apartment where he meets Maria Alice and her fiancé, Leopoldo. Paul falls in love with Maria Alice and starts to do everything to win her over. The girl eventually gives in and leaves her fiancé Leopoldo, who remains her friend. And Paul calls a halt to his affairs with countless women. The two begin to live together. But Paul misses his old life, while Maria Alice can’t ignore her love for Leopold.


Classification: 14
Paulo José
Joana Fomm
Isabel Ribeiro
Flavio Migliaccio.
Director and Screenplay: Domingos Oliveira
Cinematography: Mario Carneiro
Produced 1966 (85min 35mm/HD B&W)


Domingos Oliveira