BR 716

A Domingos Oliveira Film


This is a film in which the main characters are completely drunk for most of the story. It’s a tale of an alcoholic age, A period of hedonism in Copacabana, Rio De Janeiro that was quashed by the Brazilian military coup of 1964. It was the era of samba-canção (a kind of lounge samba) as sung by Antonia Maria e Dolores Duran. A Brazilian reaction to the romance of American cinema of the ‘60’s where the movie always ends with a kiss, and all live happily ever after. A hedonism that was frenzied and passionate like never before.





Caio Blat
Sophie Charlotte
Maria Ribeiro
Livia de Bueno
Alamo Faco
Matheus Souza
Glauce Guima
Gabriel Antunes
Aleta Valente
Special Guests
Pedro Cardoso
Daniel Dantas
Sérgio Guizé
Paulo Giardini
Fernando Gomes
José Roberto Oliveira

Director of Photography: Luca Pougy & Felipe Roque
Sound Recordist: Toninho Muricy
Designer: Ronald Teixeira
Costume Design: Flavio Graff
Editor: Tina Saphira
Producer: Renata Paschoal
Distributor: Forte Filmes & Pipoca & Filmes

Domingos Oliveira


Teatro Ilustre e Forte Filmes