Passion Games

Screening every Thursday at 23:30 on Canal Brasil


Psychoanalyst Inês falls in love with two men at once. They are father and son. A fact that Inês doesn’t know. And the two men have no idea they’re involved with the same woman. Is it the ghost of Inês’ dead father Vitor who’s meddling in her life?

While Inês has her own problems, she’s focused on solving those of her clients. In particular those of Tavares, who’s a victim of a professional con. And Otavio, a small businessman who’s become a slave to his work schedule.  What ensues brings both laughter and tears.




Vanessa Gerbelli
Aderbal Freire Filho
Pedro Furtado
Duaia Assumpção
Clarice Derzie
Camilo Bevilacqua
Fernando Gomes
José Roberto Oliveira
Moisés Bithencourt
Cecilia Lage
Tatiana Muniz
Luiz Machado
Matheus Souza

Director and Screenplays: Domingos Oliveira
Executive Producer: Renata Paschoal
Production Companies: Teatro Ilustre e Forte Filmes
Cinematography: Vinicius Brum
Sound Recordist: Márcio Câmara
Art Direction: Fernanda Teixeira, Constanza Córdoba and Yves Moura
Costumes: Junior Santana
Sound Editing and Mixing : Bernardo Gebara
Editor: Marcelo Pedrazzi

Domingos Oliveira


Teatro Ilustre e Forte Filmes